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Welcome to the future of body care.

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To help save the planet we have to rethink and refill

Our plant-based powders turn your tap water into better body care, just like magic! Nowa Drops is designed to reduce your single-use plastic waste, eliminate water transport, and make sustainable living easy.


We will only ship the ingredients you actually need to be fresh and sparkling clean.

Let’s mix things up and do better together!


The future of body care, for those who care

 Plant-based ingredients 

Only safe and natural ingredients for the benefit of you and Mother Earth.

 Refillable bottle 

Say goodbye to single-use plastic, this is the last bottle you need. It's infinitely refillable.

 95% Lighter shipping

We don’t transport any water because you already have it at home, less CO2 emissions.

 Totally vegan 

Tested on humans only, and we never use any animal-derived ingredients. 100% cruelty-free. 

Join our community and be a part of creating a waste-free future.

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